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The term "White Buffalo" draws its roots from the Native American belief that white buffalos symbolize purity and rarity, reflecting the essence of this extraordinary stone. Traditionally used as a protective amulet, this white gem employs its flawless qualities to absorb negative energy, establishing its reputation as a powerful strengthening stone.

The OLATHE bangle

This White Buffalo bangle is carefully crafted by Navajo silversmith Anthony. It is made from massive 925 sterling silver and is designed as a flexible bangle that can be easily shaped to your wrist.


  • Bracelet Diameter: 6.4 cm
  • Stone length: 2.2 cm
  • Stone width: 1.8
  • Silver Band Width: 0.45 cm
  • Total Bangle Weight: 16 grams

Please note that the handcrafted nature of our jewelry may result in slight irregularities. Each turquoise stone is one of a kind, and every 925 sterling silver piece possesses its own distinctive character.

Your Impact

With each purchase from the Artisan Collection, you empower a small artisan to sustain their craftsmanship and pursue a passion they have dedicated themselves to for many years. Your support also enables us to assist more artisans and showcase their products here on Studio Nonna.

Meet Navajo silversmith Anthony

The traditional craftsmanship of turquoise jewelry is a fundamental aspect of Navajo cultural identity. Anthony has been crafting unique turquoise pieces for over 50 years, teaching himself this art form along the way.

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