Our Story

The reason why we exist

It all began in 2019 when our founder Luisa launched her blog project, Style is Ageless.

Her aim was simple: to showcase the inspiring lives of individuals who have accumulated decades of life experience ahead of her and to highlight that style transcends age.

But most importantly, she wanted to underscore the valuable lessons gained from engaging with these experienced individuals and sharing them with younger generations.

The trailblazers to our work

The spark for 'Style is Ageless' was ignited by our founder's grandmothers, whose vibrant and inspiring personalities remained as they grew older.

Their positive mindsets, unwavering creative spirits, and life experience truly inspired her.

They were - and are - the living proof of the motto that became the cornerstone of Style is Ageless: 'It's Attitude – Not Age.'

Connecting generations through creativity

At its heart, Studio Nonna is a celebration of enduring creativity.

Our aim is to pass on the creative spark from one generation to the next through timeless accessories.