Charm Collection 'Inspired by Nonna'

Creativity is Ageless

This belief formed the foundation of the Studio Nonna Hoop Charm Collection, which I owe to my dear grandmother.

Already 40 years ago, she started designing her own, timeless Hoop Charms.

The idea of owning a piece of jewelry that could be given a completely individual look with a little creativity has always been her passion.

Over the years she created a vibrant Mix and Match Hoop Charm collection, without realizing that the colorful ornaments for hoop earrings would become so popular one day.

Passion Across Generations

I inherited my grandmother's passion for versatile jewelry, and one day, I made the decision that these timeless and practical designs must come to life.

And so, after many shared hours with her creative support, the 'Inspired by Nonna Hoop Charm Collection' was finally born.

Timeless pendants crafted from premium materials that can be customized to suit any outfit and mood.

Timeless Designs Crafted from Premium Materials

Each piece of the Inspired by Nonna Hoop Charm Collection is crafted from 925 silver coated with a thick, high-quality layer of 18-karat gold vermeil, measuring 2.5 microns.

Our gemstones are carefully selected with attention to detail, as our goal is to craft timeless jewelry pieces that last over time.