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Gemstone earring charms

Gemstone Earring Charms - The accessory to create unique hoop earring looks 

Hoop earrings are the ideal everyday accessory. They always give me that feeling of "beeing dressed", even though I know they're "just" an accessory.

I have them in various sizes and shapes, and I simply enjoy wearing them on any occasion.

Since inheriting my grandmother's passion for hoop earrings, I decided that adding gemstone earring charms would be another highlight to my collection.

Classic hoop earrings are already amazing, but being able to spice them up with beautiful charms makes them even more special and gives them a unique touch.

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Gemstone Earring Charms by Studio Nonna

That's why our gemstone earring charms have one goal: to elevate your entire outfit with their unique beauty.

Are you heading to the office for a meeting wearing your dark blue suit? Add your favorite pair of hoop earrings and a lapis gemstone charm from our collection.

Or perhaps you're attending a birthday party and have a special purple or green outfit for the occasion? Fantastic! Grab a pair of hoop earrings and add a purple amethyst charm from our collection, or for your green ensemble, choose one of our Aventurine charms.

Our goal with our gemstone charms is to provide you with the perfect standout accessory that adds a unique touch to your outfit.

Gemstone Charms: Explore Our Current Selection

There are numerous beautiful gemstones available in the most vibrant colors. We decided to work with a couple of "base" gemstones, which are as follows:

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is our "everyday" gemstone as it embodies the ideal look of being delicate, classic and stylish at the same time. Shop our Lapis hoop earring charms here.

Amethyst: With its mesmerizing purple hues, this gemstone adds a touch of natural elegance to any look. Shop our Amethyst earring charms here.
Aventurine and Chrysoprase: With their lush green tones, these gemstones bring a natural charm and vitality to any style. Shop our green gemstone charms here.
White Moonstone, White Topaz and Mother of Pearl: 
These beautiful white gemstones bring a natural, timeless charm to any outfit, with their pure and understated elegance. Shop our white gemstone earring charms here.


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