Earring Charms by Studio Nonna

Timeless, stylish, unique – this is what the hoop earring charms by Studio Nonna are about. In this article, we'll introduce you to our timeless hoop charms with the Mix and Match approach.

Mix and Match Hoop earring charms tailored to your preferences

The "Mix and Match" concept of our hoop earring charms allows you to customize your hoops according to your personal taste. Whether it's Donut Charms, classic pearl pendants, or any of the many other expressive gemstone charms: simply choose your favorite earring charms and create your completely individual look.



Gold Vermeil jewelry by Studio Nonna

All of our earring charms are made of sterling silver and finished with a high-quality 18-carat gold vermeil plating. The loops of our charms are deliberately created with a diameter of 0.5 cm. This allows you to easily combine the charms with different hoops you already have at home - Or you choose between our small "Meryl" hoop and its larger sister "Jane" .


High quality and lasting Gemstone Hoop Charms

Our hoop charms are crafted from carefully selected gemstones, also adorned with a high-quality vermeil plating. These timeless jewelry pieces turn any classic hoop into a unique statement piece.
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