Donut Earring Charms by Studio Nonna

Donut Earring Charms by Studio Nonna

Get ready to meet our earring charms original: The Donut Earring Charms.

The inspiration for our Donut Earring Charms originated from my beloved grandmother, who designed her first charm for personal use 40 years ago.

The idea behind this design?

My grandmother had always been fascinated by colorful gemstones.

One day, while passing by a gemstone shop, she stumbled upon two round, flat Lapis stones. It dawned on her: Wouldn't these stones look stunning if they were hung on my hoop earrings?

Without hesitation, she purchased these two flat gemstones.

After spending a lot of time measuring the “ideal proportions,” on where to place that hole she asked a jeweler friend to drill them into these two Lapis Lazuli stones.

And so her first (donut) earring charm was born.

Expressing Creativity with Versatile Jewelry

So, it is no wonder that for our first drop, we incorporated the original “Donut Earring Charm” design – and the stone, of course – that my grandma created back in the day:

a beautiful dark blue Lapis Lazuli adorned with filigree gold sparkles.

Since there were too many beautiful gemstone options, we decided to add two more styles (and undoubtedly more will be coming). For this initial release, we additionally selected light green aventurine and amethyst to offer vibrant color choices suitable for any occasion and compatible with numerous outfits.

Plus, weighing only around 1.5 grams, you won't even notice them on your ears. We've also made the charm hole 0.7 cm (0.28 inches) to ensure compatibility with a wide range of hoop styles.

Versatile Donut Earring Charms – The Ideal Company for Everyday

Our Donut Charms are designed to fill your day with joy - Because we know how much fun it can be to choose that ideally matching gem of the day that perfectly rounds up your outfit.

We carefully selected only high-quality gemstones with rich, vibrant colors to ensure that wearing your Donut Earring Charms brings you genuine joy.

Our main aim with the donut earring charm design is to offer a timeless accessory that functions as the ideal add-on to an everyday outfit; they stand out but are still not too present and simply give a classic hoop earring that little something.

Enjoy experimenting with different combinations of charms, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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